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It is no understatement to say that cars have changed a lot over the course of the past decade, particularly as it pertains to technology. Of course the vehicles that we sell here at Grand Prix Subaru on Long Island are as up-to-date with this technology as modern cars and SUVs come.  Subaru dealers love talking about these modern upgrades with consumers, and we feel like our personnel is particularly adept at doing precisely that.  Our Subaru dealership is highly-respected and stocked with loads of great automobiles, each of which does things that some consumers may not yet understand.  Today, we're going to help you understand what, exactly, this new technology can do.


Powertrain, Fuel Efficiency, and Safety Technologies:

·         Subaru BOXER engine:  Unlike almost every other engine in the industry, Subaru uses a horizontally-opposed boxer engine as the key cog in its drivetrain.  The pistons face away from each other in a straight line, which balances the engine and makes for a smooth drive with fewer vibrations than some New York drivers may be accustomed to.

·         Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive:  That horizontally-opposed engine also allows for great balance in the vehicle, as its shape lets it sit lower to help weight distribution and balance.  All-wheel drive then increases traction, which is great for the winter months in this state, but that balance and grip on the road can make driving more fun in general, too.

·         Vehicle Dynamics Control System:  Subaru dealerships also really love this system, which keeps a vehicle from slipping around on the road.  An electronics control system can detect when a vehicle is off-course and will adjust torque distribution to prevent spin-outs.

·         Subaru EyeSight:  Two cameras mounted near the rearview camera keep their eye on traffic to monitor conditions and help the vehicle react when trouble looks close.  An audio and visual warning will be sent if there's danger of a collision, but this system can actually apply the brakes and optimize cruise control to help minimize risk of damage.


Entertainment and Convenience Technologies:

·         Subaru Starlink Infotainment: Over the course of the last year, Long Island customers visiting New York Subaru dealerships have asked a lot about our new Starlink infotainment system, and to date, the response to the Starlink debut in the 2014 Subaru Forester has been undeniably positive. It hooks up to your smartphone and gives hotel recommendations from TripAdvisor, restaurant recommendations from Yelp, weather information, and information on area parks and other local hotspots.  Best of all, a lot of this can be done hands-free.

·         Aha Internet Radio:  Of course, like with any good infotainment system, Starlink also streams internet radio, which in this case comes from the good people at Aha.  The amount of internet radio through this service is truly remarkable, as it includes Slacker Radio, MOG, Rhapsody, and even podcasts and streaming radio from NPR.  In-car entertainment has never been so easy and so diverse.

If you'd like to come and try out some of this cutting-edge technology, please visit our dealership sometime soon and we'll let you test drive a new Subaru vehicle to get a feel for how everything works.  We think you'll like what you see, and what you'll see is a bright new future in the world of automobiles.

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